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Each session will have 2 to 4 cases and will be organized in themes that can be completed every month.The final year will give student the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge in the context of an actual Global health experience.Finally, if selected through the application process, students can participate in a national GH competition at Emory University as their chosen activity to meet their fourth-year pathway requirement.

Each session will have 2 to 4 cases and will be organized in themes that can be completed every month.

The Pathway directors will record attendance and fulfillment of required tasks.

Minimal criteria for completion will be distributed to the students prior to signing up for this pathway.

For students who are interested in conducting work or research abroad, this course may aid in gaining knowledge for future career options as well as improve critical thinking on the role of the clinicians in global health.

Additionally, students who attend and participate actively in the course should gain insight into global health issues affecting patients in increasingly diverse domestic communities.

This research relies to a large extent on the prior work done in this area by the Centre for Global Development, which has been published as Millions Saved.

We have selected four of the twenty case studies from Millions Saved, examined the evidence given, and tried to provide reasonable estimates of cost-effectiveness.

Guinea worm is contracted by drinking water bearing the guinea worm parasite.

The disease is rarely fatal, but it does impose a significant disability and pain burden on those infected.

However, admission to the pathway is limited to 20 students who will write a formal application, outlining their interest, expectation, experience, and reason for wanting to choose that pathway Students will be assigned to GH mentors with whom they will communicate on a regular basis and who will work on specific projects.

This becomes particularly important in the Fourth Year.


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