Life Lesson Essay

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How dare the school policy tell me what to do, “No threatening of school members or staff.” I started drawing a gun. The exact pistol from the movies I watched called, “Terminator.” I then drew a bullet coming out of the pistol. Though I did make the bullet in a form called a parabola.

A parabola is a projectile in motion in which it starts and ends in an arch shape, like a cannon and its cannonball being fired out from its barrel, which leaves a “parabolic path.” At the end of where the bullet was going to land, I...

- Do you realize how much you have learned in just a short few months.

Maybe you don’t realize it, but once you reflect about it, you will soon find out that you took more away from school than just a nap or two.

Through my junior year, I taught myself that there will be things that I don’t like, and with that, you teach yourself to get through it because it is not going to be the last time you are out in a situation like this....

[tags: High school, Academic term, Personal life] - Dearest English major fellow, “For Austen, life, liker her novel, is a continual process of reading and rereading.” (23).It takes us on a journey of discovering that when true love is amazingly strong one can overcome any battle.Since discovering these series Stephanie Myers the author of Twilight has become such an inspiration to me.... I ignored my cognizance and continued scrubbing my body. While I was taking a shower, I reminisced the time my third grade teacher talked about the school policy.An event in my life that taught me an important lesson was to not draw inappropriate things accordingly to the school policy. I headed out to the kitchen to get breakfast that my mom cooked for me. A naked, colorless, blank sheet of paper situated there on the kitchen table. Three days of in-school-suspension.” My life was draining by the second. No matter what you say to get out of situations, policy always comes out first. I got out of the shower, dried and dolled myself up.I wish I would have made more memories with her and not been so quick to anger when she corrected me.Her passing away is one of the most traumatic events I have ever been through.I will never forget that night, but I learned something valuable....[tags: Family, Life, Death, Grandparent] - Life Lessons Given By Robert Frost Almost everyone has come upon a fork in a path, and not been positive which way to go.


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