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# 2) If there is no blah.c file, the implicit rule will not run and will not complain.4.8 Multiple Targets: We can use the wildcard % in targets, that captures zero or more of any character Note 1) We do not use *.o, because that is just the string *.o, which might be useful in the commands, but is only one target and does not expand.And to pass this to makefile I have to set it inside bash-script.

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Although it is easy to think of variables as traditional programming language variables, there is a distinction between a macro “variable” and a “traditional” variable.

A macro variable is expanded “in place” to yield a text string that may then be expanded further.

This distinction will become more clear as we proceed.

A variable name can contain almost any characters including most punctuation.

# PHONY is great to use, but I'll skip it in the rest of the examples for simplicity.

# Implicit command of: "cc -c blah.c -o blah.o" # Note: 1) Do not put a comment inside of the blah.o rule; the implicit rule will not run!

Note: export has the same syntax as sh, but it they aren’t related (although similar in function) 6.3 You can text replace at the end of each space seperated word using $(var:a=b) Note: don’t put spaces in between anything; it will be seen as a search or replacement term Note: This is shorthand for using the “patsubst” expansion function 6.8 “define” is actually just a multiline variable defintion. Note here that it’s a bit different than having a semi-colon between commands, because each is run in a seperate shell, as expected.

8.4 foreach takes: $(foreach var,list,text) and sets var to each word in list, and outputs outputs that into a “list” of words in text.

will delete the target of a rule if the rule fails in this manner.

This will happen for all targets, not just the one it is before like PHONY.


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