Marijuana Should Be Legal Essay

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Using marijuana results in costs to society; while many campaigners for legalization choose to state that these costs related to law enforcement the reality is that the majority of the costs are related to the effects of marijuana use itself (treatment, medical, societal etc).Marijuana is the main non alcoholic cause of substance abuse in the US with about 15.2 million users of which 4.2 million have a substance dependency.

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As a result it highly likely that legalizing marijuana for medical use would lead to an increase in users and a concomitant increase in the number of American addicts.

Wherever a popular recreational drug is dispensed legally, for whatever reason, there will be people who try to twist the system for their own benefit.

(This is equivalent to two thirds of all substance addicts in the US).

Many people like to draw parallels between alcohol and marijuana but for the purposes of this point the best comparison is gambling.

Marijuana is, however, a very popular illegal high, used by many Americans of all classes and sectors of society to relax, destress and enjoy the hallucinogenic side effects of the drug.

Marijuana Should Be Legal Essay

Because many middle aged Americans used the drug in their younger years they see no harm in others enjoying it.

Still others, often further to the right in their political views (but not always) believe that it is a dangerous hallucinogenic that can cause short term issues and long term problems both personally and societally.

In recent years there have been a number of groups that claim that marijuana use is therapeutic for certain medical conditions.

The result of this is that marijuana use, while illegal, is already tolerated and viewed as harmless by a large number of people.

Against this background some people who would otherwise hesitate to get involved in drug use will feel the effects of peer pressure and end up experimenting.


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