Marijuana Should Be Legalized Essay

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Some people may automatically think Reefer Madness and see the film as an extreme exaggeration of users.

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The broad topic of medical marijuana lends itself to all types of papers.

You don’t, however, have stick with the argument of whether medical marijuana should be legalized or the pros and cons of medical marijuana legalization (unless that’s actually your required assignment).

I’ve included a brief summary of each article and both an MLA 8 and APA citation to help you with documentation if you decide to use any of these sources in your medical marijuana essay.

Web MD publishes relatively basic, yet credible medical information, and this article provides an overview of medical marijuana.

This social acceptance of drug abuse has unsurprisingly allowed drug addicts to present the argument to legalize (a drug considered to be less harmful) marijuana.

Other supporters for the decriminalization of marijuana argue that marijuana provides medicinal benefits for people with chronic pain.

How might you classify the person who doesn’t smoke marijuana for recreational use but instead smokes it for medicinal purposes? No matter your stance on the topic, if you’re going to write a medical marijuana essay, it’s a good idea to gather some credible sources to support your paper.

Should marijuana be legal for both recreational use and medicinal use? Here are 12 sources to help you get started with the research process.

Published by Statista, “…one of the leading statistics companies on the internet,” this resource includes a brief overview of medical marijuana. The article doesn’t advocate for or against marijuana legalization. “Adventures in Medical Marijuana with My 80-Year-Old Mother.” Huff, Oath Inc., 19 Oct. Bertrand was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in 2003.

It includes a variety of statistics, such as the number of cannabis businesses in the United States, the average price of marijuana per gram, and in which states it’s legal to smoke marijuana. It also doesn’t state whether her mother has been helped by the drug. After 18 months of continued suffering with traditional painkillers (which led to liver failure), Bertrand began growing cannabis to help with pain.


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