Maths And Statistics Personal Statement

When the application has been completed (submitted), you will receive a confirmation email. It contains a link to the Application Portal where an applicant can login and track the progress and status of their application.

We will not accept family and relations as your referee.

If you do receive an email from the Maths Scholarships Team, asking for clarification on something in your application or requesting further information, then please do respond to us.

We are particularly looking for evidence of where Linear Algebra (including vectors and matrices) and Calculus (namely differentiation and integration, including from first principles), have been studied.

Such evidence can include: If we ask you for this information, send as much as you can to support your application, especially if the maths topics we are looking for are embedded in module(s) you studied at university, which may be called something other than Calculus or Linear Algebra. Then you need to demonstrate how your degree is equivalent to a UK degree with honours by either: 4.

For exceptional students, there is also an Accelerated Mathematics Studies stream where you can complete a four-year honours degree in any concentration in as little as three years.

If you’ve taken AS or A level Further Mathematics, you’ll have a wide range of options for further study and employment. You probably already know what direction you want to go in but, if not, the websites below might give you some ideas: Several Higher and Degree apprenticeships offer routes into careers that are rich in maths, including accountancy, actuarial science, architecture, engineering and data science.If invited to an Assessment Centre, your referee will be contacted by us for a reference in which they will need to advise us, where possible, how they feel you fulfil the requirements in the .If you are yet to graduate, we will require your referee to confirm your expected degree classification.You are welcome to include experiences from all stages of education, though we are particularly interested in your experience in secondary schools.You will find this experience beneficial if invited to an Assessment Centre and also, initial teacher training providers require you to have completed at least10 days recent secondary school experience.If you are still unsure, either contact the Students Loans Company, to find out if you are eligible for a student loan, or apply for your course early so that you can get a definite answer from your training provider on whether you are eligible to take up a training place.This confirmation is needed when submitting your application.This exciting mathematics program is flexible, innovative and provides opportunities for students to work with leading researchers to gain academic and employment experience.Choose from a broad range of courses or concentrations in pure mathematics (development of mathematical ideas and concepts for their own sake), applied mathematics (mathematics for applications in science, engineering, economics or business), statistics (experimental design, sampling methods and data analysis techniques), MICA (mathematics coupled with modern computer software applications) or mathematics education.Along with a minimum degree classification of a 2:2, a Masters or Ph D, we are looking for applicants to have a degree in a subject that contains strong mathematical content, such as mathematics, engineering and physics.If it is not obvious to us from your degree title, as it may be a subject outside of our area of expertise, then you will be asked to provide further evidence to help us assess the mathematical and statistical content of your degree(s).


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