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This Module will provide you with an overview of the features, elements, and organization of a history essay.There is no quiz for this module - you will show off your skills when you write your research essay and answer the final examination.A weaker introduction would fail to indicate what a reader should expect, either by including points that do not appear in the essay's argument or by omitting those that do.

Thesis Statement It can be challenging to compose a strong thesis statement.

A preliminary thesis can start off casually with a short description. A stronger thesis statement would argue an explanation.

Some writers announce the topic briefly but directly. For example, begin your essay with hackneyed phrase such as, "Since the beginning of time . You may notice that some articles (especially by British writers) do not appear to have a clear thesis statement—instead, the statement appears in the conclusion as an answer to a clear question asked in the introduction.

Nevertheless, the whole article argues for the concluding thesis.

Title Page At the center of the first page, place the title of your essay.

Like the title of a book or article, it should indicate the topic or even the main point of your essay.Second, tutors assign essays to evaluate a student’s knowledge of material and skills in reasoning and communicating.Features of an Essay Whether it is a monograph hundreds of pages long or a one-page job application letter, essays share the same basic features.In North America, most instructors insist that a definitive thesis statement appears in the introduction and guides the balance of the essay.If you wish, save it for the conclusion, but discuss this plan in advance with your tutor. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill utilizes an IP address reputation scoring system and their database is reporting that your internet address has been flagged for malicious activity.This database is updated frequently via their internal processes.Parts of the Argument Sometimes a well-developed thesis will make clear the parts of the argument found in the essay.In the example above, a reader would expect to find parts devoted to the three countries it mentions and in the described order.Even during Europe’s darkest age, there were men and women who dedicated themselves to reasoned and eloquent writing.Courses in history involve a great amount of reading and the writing of complex essays.


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