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’, and me waking up in a warm puddle (that I suspect is just sweat) with my heart pounding. My heart goes out to schoolboys everywhere (and a few schoolgirls, too, because the rest are pesky teacher’s pets whose sole purpose in life is showing up schoolboys like myself). So here are six foolproof excuses for non-delivery of your homework that will work like a charm for petrified schoolboys anywhere in our beloved land.1 Dear Madam, I had every intention of doing my homework and, in fact, bathed, performed a small and I remained standing the entire night.

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Laptops are also prone to a host of vulnerabilities that never afflicted notebooks and pens.

They malfunction, they get viruses, they’re stolen, their screens crack when they’re dropped, they lose keys on the keypad.

When that happens the student has to enter the complicated and time-consuming process of having them repaired or replaced. Students these days mostly don’t turn in their homework by bringing papers to class—so primitive! That word “upload” sounds easy and efficient, but so many things go wrong.

The Internet goes down just as the midnight deadline passes, a crucial password suddenly doesn’t work, the upload doesn’t “take” somehow and the teacher never receives it.

Making children do homework was a British conspiracy that has been handed down to our faulty education system so that we continue remaining slaves. Pressing the feet of my elders, reciting instantly.4Dear Madam, I regret to inform you that I cannot hand in my homework assignment in the manner in which you seek it. So kindly excuse.6 Dear Madam, Henceforth, consider this my homework for all future assignments. Even though the cow has only two legs in the front, they are called forelegs.

Henceforth, I will submit all my English assignments in Hindi. Reed explain terms like “prompt” and “disk operating system.” It was a total waste of time and resources, but in 1984 it felt strange and important. Reed kept telling us that “in the future, everything will be done by computers, and if you don’t know how to use them, you’ll be left behind.” My daughters returned to school this week, and I am reminded that the fear of a computerized future still haunts public education.These days, of course, students aren’t made to take classes on “computers,” if that’s still the term. When my oldest first brought home her laptop, I had questions.Thank you to school teachers and volunteers who participated in "I Ate My Homework!Hydroponics for Students 4- H School Enrichment Program" in July 2018!Same goes for social studies, science and mathematics. Assignments in any South Indian language will be submitted with the words ‘ dance’ written over and over.5Dear Madam, I am unable to submit my homework because I am spending all my time building a large statue of Prithviraj Chauhan or, er, Rana Pratap. But what if you forget to remind your child to charge her laptop and it’s time to go to school and the battery is at 4 percent?Your morning becomes a tragic scene of weeping and recrimination, that’s what. One of the original reasons for issuing laptops to schoolchildren was that it would make all those weighty textbooks unnecessary.The girls tell me that games are—air quotes—“prohibited” on their laptops.But most of the students know how to get around the blocks and look at whatever they want to online.


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