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Surgical development teams, the second-system effect, and the importance of documentation are all covered, sometimes for the first time, in .Through the course of the book, Brooks covers all fascets of what must happen to successfully complete a major software project, and in all parts he gives a firm foundation for solid software engineering and project management.He thus sets out to write one of the first treatises on software project management, an indispensible part of software engineering.

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You might be wondering why this book has lasted so long.

The answer is simple: the technology of the book is secondary to the people lessons.

We don't have too many projects with lots of different architects.

On the other hand, we've been blessed with low expectations.

No one expected us to succeed, so any measure of success was a victory for the movement. If a release comes out a month late, everyone will think we're no better at keeping a schedule than Microsoft.

If we have to rewrite another application because we did a poor design job, we aren't offering a valid alternative.Everyone else is just as bad, so we just have to not be worse.For that matter, most open-source projects are blessed with one or a few leaders who keep everything on track and in one vision.My current company is trying to move to CMM level 2, and as part of that our Process Group is reading a series of books.Some of them are business or interpersonal oriented, but some others (like ) are software related. The net effect of this, I hope, is to get the open-source community interested in producing a complete, quality product instead of just neat functionality.In an industry where most books are useless after six months, this book is almost prehistoric.Remember, though, what level a book must reach to last so long. While this book has some years on it, the fact that it is still around is a testament to the strength of the text.This latest addition contains additional essays and thoughts about engineering.We have to be better than everyone else to prove ourselves, and we cannot do that in an individually-oriented environment.If the open-source community can learn the lessons of better than the rest of the industry, than we win. We need to understand why you cannot just add people to a late project to speed it up.


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