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Saramandi writes that she blocked her nemesis because she was not willing to be imposed upon, or forced to provide him with “free emotional and intellectual labor …

[that would] take up my time under the guise of ‘debate.’” I can appreciate the decision to refrain from debate with rabble-rousers.

Admittedly, when his friends weighed in with such comments as “What of toxic femininity?

;” “holy crap that mindset reached Mauritius;” “that reads like foreplay;” etc. After writing earnestly about growing up as a woman in Mauritius, she transitions to a general discussion of the “Mauritian alt-right”: “together with a small group of academics, writers, and translators, I have been compiling a quasi-historiography of the local alt-right.

One must judge for oneself whether it is worth engaging with an interlocutor who does not act in good faith, does not argue on merit, is obsessed with non sequiturs and red herrings, or otherwise reveals himself to be unworthy of engagement.

But when you write an essay for public consumption, on a serious topic like the alt right, and conflate , allude to Jordan Peterson and Camille Paglia as if they were vacuous mouthpieces for crude alt-right polemics, and blithely dismiss reputable academics as “disgraced,” you have an obligation to correct the record.

retrograde, patriarchal,” unaware that “progress was coming whether they liked it or not and that soon, in a decade or so, they’d be embarrassed by their youthful rancor.” Saramandi continues, I grew up with stories of men murdering their female partners with crossbows and other implements, dismembering the women in their lives with grinder machines, raping their step-daughters, tossing female bodies into forests.

I saw school friends married off at 15 to men twice their age.

We have over 300 screenshots of their conversations, and have tracked what they say, share.” Apparently, “[t]he Mauritian alt-right is formulaic to a fault. homophobic, misogynistic, and, at times, racist.” Saramandi supports her case with a selection of comments that are presented as representative of the “Mauritian alt-right.” These comments are combative, often inexcusably so.

She writes, “the Mauritian alt-right is multicultural.


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