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“I think that showed in my writing about her.” His Associated Press account from March 1966 was the first international news story about her.Mc Gowan said he didn’t know if he could even explain what motivated her.Nowadays, the trolls would call her a Social Justice Warrior. Mother Teresa became a strong, powerful figure who transformed the lives of millions.

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The building, a former Hindu chapel, was divided into two parts, one for men and one for women. “I tried to stay out of the way, these people were crammed in there so tight.” “Under her outstanding care, some of those people recovered and got up and walked out,” he said.

Mc Gowan said he was “extremely impressed” with her work.

So if you were declared terminally ill, your family had to come and take you home so that there was a bed for somebody else,” he said.

“If nobody picked you up, they put you on the sidewalk to die.” Since 1952, Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity sisters had cared for the abandoned and the dying at their Home for the Dying Destitutes. It was so crowded they couldn’t even get up and go to the bathroom,” Mc Gowan recounted.

” isn’t enough to sway those who reject the supernatural out of hand, then perhaps unexpected acts of kindness are.

And that’s the reason why Mother Teresa is a very 21st century saint.

.- The American reporter who first brought news of Mother Teresa’s work to an international audience still remembers the day in 1966 when he met the nun serving the poor in the slums of Calcutta. In my eyes, she was a saint her entire life,” retired Associated Press reporter Joe Mc Gowan, Jr. “She was so humble and yet so pleasant.” Mc Gowan, 85, was an AP reporter for 42 years who covered wars, revolutions, and earthquakes.

In 1966, he was an AP bureau chief with a huge territory – India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Ceylon, and the Maldives Islands.

The Church’s process of scrutinising her character was so rigorous that they invited Christopher Hitchens to give the evidence against.

s Mother Teresa discovered when she was alive, the Church can be bureaucratic, slow-moving, “meticulous” – it has been known to put the brakes on popular piety.


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