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Lennie flees lower back to a pool of the Salinas River that George had specified as a assembly region need to either of them get into problem.because the guys returned at the ranch discover what has befell and acquire together a lynch party, George joins Lennie.slim warns Curley that if he attempts to get George and Lennie fired, he will be the laughingstock of the farm.

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As he describes the rabbits that Lennie will tend, the sound of the approaching lynch party grows louder.She notices the cuts on Lennie’s face and suspects that he, and not a piece of machinery as Curley claimed, is responsible for hurting her husband. the following day, Lennie accidentally kills his pup in the barn. She admits that lifestyles with Curley is a disappointment, and needs that she had followed her dream of turning into a film big name.Lennie tells her that he loves petting soft things, and he or she gives to allow him experience her hair. In his attempt to silence her, he accidentally breaks her neck.Day after today, George confides in slender that he and Lennie aren't cousins, however had been friends considering the fact that adolescence.He tells how Lennie has regularly gotten them into trouble.Curley, trying to find an clean goal for his anger, unearths Lennie and picks a combat with him.Lennie crushes Curley’s hand inside the altercation.The three make a percent to permit no one else know of their plan.slender returns to the bunkhouse, berating Curley for his suspicions.when narrow is of the same opinion with Carlson, saying that death might be a welcome alleviation to the struggling animal, candy offers in.Carlson, before leading the dog outside, guarantees to do the task painlessly.


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