Personal Value Statement For Work

In this case, instead of allocating money to budget or investment categories, you will be allocating your time and energy to the areas that will be important to living the life you envision.

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Extract all of the values that you identify and record them on a separate list.

Note which values appear most frequently by placing a star next to those values.

Your personal vision will address multiple dimensions of your life and could provide decision direction for spiritual development, work or career goals, family, social and community relationships, finances, self improvement, and fun.

Developing your personal vision decision can be compared to developing a budget or an investment portfolio.

Write a list of five or six of your past successes and what values you think contributed to each success.

Use an online list of core personal values to spark your imagination (see Resources). Don't be afraid to list the same value multiple times if you believe that particular value was responsible for your success.

Here are some criteria you can consider in developing your vision statement.

Additional criteria that can also be considered include providing life anchors, uniqueness, and long lasting.

Revise your personal value statement for grammar and mechanical errors to make it easier to read.

Ask a friend or family member to read through your personal value statement and provide feedback.


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