Personality Development Introduction Thesis

Personality Development Introduction Thesis-38
Table 1.2 Attributes and temperaments: This ancient theory of Hippocrates has undergone many modifications but the main principle still holds good.However, these individual attributes are not the only factors that mould the personality: heredity and environment also play a major part in influencing one’s personality.Table 1.1 Personality Attributes and their Characteristics: According to a theory expostulated by Carl Jung (1875-1961), a contemporary of Freud, all personal characteristics are a by-product of two fundamental attitude types: introversion and extroversion.

Personality is made up of some characteristic pattern of thoughts, feelings and behaviour that make one person different from others.

Each of these individual attributes has its own individual characteristics, as indicated in Table 1.1.

Later Mandela said, ‘Man, I was terrified up there! He knew that he was a model for others, and that gave him the strength to triumph over his own fear.’Similarly, while Mandela was always bitter about his long imprisonment, he always put up a positive demeanour about it.

India’s cricket captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni too sends a cool and composed signal to his team at all times.

Besides introversion and extroversion, different temperaments of indi­viduals play an important role in determining their personality.

Personality Development Introduction Thesis

Long ago, Greek physician Hippocrates put forward the theory that the temperament of a person is dependent on certain fluids (which he calls ‘humor’) present in the human body.

The personality of a person is how he presents himself to the world; it is how others see him. When we do something again and again, we form a habit.

It has been aptly said: Reputation is what people think you are. Ultimately these habits form a particular behaviour.

These inherent personality traits and the different soft skills interact with each other and make a person what he or she is.

It helps bring out a number of intrinsic qualities of a person, which are a must in any responsible position.


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