Play Review Essay

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Willis and Shawn Campbell as factory owner both give fine, understated performances.

One can understand why Factory would have each play presented by people originally associated with it, but since each has the same cast requirements--one young male and female plus one older male--it would be theatrically more exciting to have the same three actors perform both plays.

presents itself at first as a satire of Russian stories--“laughter followed by misery” according the comically cynical Narrator (Michelle Monteith).

Moscovitch’s daring experiment is, in fact, to intersperse the Narrator’s acerbic commentary with the touching, sensitively played scenes of her tale of the doomed love affair of a flower girl Aebovka (also Monteith) with the gravedigger Piotr (Aaron Willis).

This suggested to the audience that the play would be non-naturalistic unlike, a west end theatre production.

The set throughout the play was non-naturalistic as the props used were to represent things, for example they used the sofa’s to represent cars on the stage, which had headlight on the front of the sofas or when they used the There were several props used within the play which were significant for example, the toy guns which were used frequently, suggesting that there was a theme of violence and crime in Vernon God Little.

Live Theatre Analysis The set used for Vernon God Little was highly symbolic and simplistic; when we walked into the theatre we could visually see that there were flowers, cards and memorable items attached on the audiences seats above our heads, which already created a sombre atmosphere around the theatre.

Once seated, we saw that the stage was mainly bare with a chair on the left hand side of the stage.

Yes people, this is a review of Queensland Then there is the pool of water, kicking off the show with a something dropping from the ceiling and creating a splash that caught everyone’s attention, it was a majestic blue and at times was hard to keep your eyes off.

The set was a playground type jungle gym the actors could climb up jumper over and run down. It gave a tomb like feel and for and for being the only piece of staging used throughout the whole 2 hour production, Jennifer Flowers; job well done.


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