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Poetry Essay Gcse English-2
If a line or word is isolated, this may be to emphasise it).You also need to consider the rhyme scheme and the rhythm - whether the words / sentences flow or not...Graham is an English leader, visiting lecturer, and author of several study guides and textbooks.

We've compiled our resources for the new anthologies, as well as resources for looking at unseen poems.

You can also get our teaching pack on unseen poetry.

Multi-award-winning poet, children’s writer and playwright John Agard will introduce and read selected poems from his collections.

He will discuss the meaning behind his words and answer questions from the audience.

The pack and these resources include analysis tasks, comparative tasks, skills for understanding poetry and plenty of resources on specific poems.

Here’s our pick of the best recently published GCSE English language and GCSE English literature revision guides (for all major boards, including AQA) for pupils in years 10 and 11 of secondary schools.

Tom Tolkien is an experienced teacher and educational consultant who reviews books for children and teens.

Formerly Head of English at Woodleigh School in North Yorkshire, he was in charge of a 4000 book prep school library for pupils aged 3-13.

For example, you may have three poems about the dark side of love. For example: (a) murderous - psychopathic - jealousy vs (b) playful combat vs (c) self-destructive rage.3. Language techniques - consider which combination of techniques each poem uses the most - metaphorical vs realistic language, sensual, sensory language, vs violent language, colloquial or elegiac etc. : write one sentence about the first poem, a second sentence about the second, followed by a third sentence about the third!

Mood - for all texts, figure out if the overall mood is jaunty, jolly, sensual, light, dark, bitter, violent, vile or something else. Then think, how does this mood contrast with or support the content? You need a method that will give enough space to develop your explanations fully.


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