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Transparency International believes the UN must: For more detail on the methodology and statistical information Transparency International used to show the effect of good governance on achieving the MDGs, please click here.For any press enquiries please contact [email protected] do we do when those mandated to protect us are serving other interests than public safety and security?Governments that are more open and accountable to their citizens have better development outcomes across the board, regardless of whether a country is richer or poorer.

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It also compared MDG achievement with per capita GPD growth.

The results showed that good governance is just as important as economic growth in reducing poverty.

Bribery also wipes out the benefits of economic growth.

For example, any gains made in improving access to safe drinking water when family incomes rise are offset by the negative effect of bribery.50% of school children do not complete primary school in countries where bribery is common.

With a year left, only four of the MDG targets have been achieved.

Good governance and anti-corruption were not included in the first list. Transparency International research in more than 100 countries shows how bribery and poor governance have undermined achieving the current MDGs.

Children in racially and segregated schools tend to have worse educational outcomes than other students and are more likely to be suspended or expelled or to drop out before graduation.

The world is about to set global priorities that will chart the course on how all countries work to end poverty by 2030. It was tried in 2000 when global leaders made eight development promises to be reached by 2015, known as the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The effects of concentrated poverty are magnified in minority children.

Black and Latinos are more likely to live in predominantly poor areas.


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