Problem Solving At Work

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Other steps outlined consist of figuring out potential solutions then narrowing down to select the best possible option under the circumstances.

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Analyze how best the top choices would lead to the desired results.

The last step in brainstorming is deciding the best solution among the top alternatives available.

Other remedies could consist of more time needed to allow a solution to work, more resources required, more funds or more expertise.

It is also important to analyze why the original solution did not work out to not only learn from mistakes but also to prevent repeating the same errors.

Below are examples of problem solving mistakes: I believe that one good way of improving your problem solving skills in the office is to work on solving many problems.

You can do this by volunteering to participate in brainstorming groups or sessions and offering your input and ideas as well as listening to contributions from your colleagues.

Similar to how a camera zooms on to an image before taking a picture. Alternatively, think of it as identifying the starting line in a race, once you have figured out the beginning point (the problem), you set the stage for figuring out the skills, information, knowledge or resources required to get to the finishing line (the solution). When brainstorming, state the problem, and then request everyone to independently write down their own individual answers.

Afterwards list down all the answers proposed and invite others to further build upon and refine the suggested solutions or propose additional solutions.

For example, if tackling a problem for the first time takes x hours, after handling the same problem many times you are likely to fine tune your methods resulting in less time to solve a problem and more improvements and efficiencies Track the progress to see if the solution is working. Under ideal circumstances, if the solution is the right one, the problem should be gradually dissipating the more the solution is implemented.

Generally, there would be a need to make tweaks here and there to either address issues that arise or to ensure that the solution has the best chance of succeeding.


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