Problem Solving Strategy Find A Pattern

This strategy, though often used by many students, could be developed into a more efficient problem solving strategy.I loved how the book was all about modeling these strategies with the students.

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Always ask students if there is another way to solve the problem.

Some strategies may be more efficient than others or may be more appropriate, either way, students need to develop a bank of problem solving strategies to use.

Students need experiences in both solving problems and posing their own problems.

At this stage, patterns and algebra problems often involve working backwards, using a process of elimination, trial and error and using inverse operations.

If modeled correctly and practiced enough in the younger grades, these students will be able to use these strategies fluently to solve more complex problems in grades 3-5.

The chapter provided different problems for each strategy to try out. But, this inspired me to write similar word problems to use to model these strategies in the first weeks of school. This format would be good for projecting them on a smartboard or promethean board because who has all that ink.Aspect 3: Pattern and number Structure – Number Properties.Vocabulary knowledge, Cluster 10, Marker 1: Demonstrates understanding that words can have different meanings in different contexts.Use Newman’s prompts as a whole class to model how to start thinking about solving the problem.Continue with the same process as before, only this time introduce students to the strategy of looking for a pattern.Students are required to be able to use words to describe patterns and apply their knowledge in problem solving situations.The mathematical language required needs to be modelled by the teacher and students need to be provided with opportunities to talk through their thinking.These strategies need to be explicitly taught to students.The problems below provide students with opportunities to explore these problem solving strategies and share their strategies with others.Using a table is a good way to sort out and organise the information that has been given in the question.The information that has been set out in the table will hopefully lead students to the correct solution.


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