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This process takes a lot of hard work but if you manage to get through it, you'll be on your way to a perfect score.

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Every essay will always ask for the same exact topic: which is to explain how the author uses features to strengthen his/her argument.

So by features, the SAT is referring to stylistic writing strategies that the author uses. A majority of test-takers who aren't able to reach top scores are unable to do so primarily because they are approaching this essay more focused on re-telling the content and offering "deep" commentary like a standard English class essay.

(For reference, the instructions state: Write an essay in which you explain how Danielle Bustamante builds an argument to persuade her audience that broadband Internet access should be available to all Americans.)So we've already got the first tip here.

Your essay doesn't need some crazy cool introduction or some stupid philosophical meaning to start off.

When I found mine, I noticed right away that it had a gold sticker that wasn't on any of the other tickets. As it turned out, I was to be given my own room with my very own proctor because I was over 21. I share this template and everything else—all the rhetorical devices you need to know, what I did right, and the subtle things I missed—in my new SAT Essay book. There are probably released tests floating around by now so hunt those down as well.

Whatever the exam, the path to a higher score is the same. Use The College Panda books and any others to review and practice the concepts you're weak in.

For a quick SAT background of myself, I've been averaging anywhere from 6-9 wrong on practice tests. My practice essays from the start and an actual essay for the SAT I took have been at the 8's or 7's.

I'm just going to post the link here to save time and also give you guys a breakdown of how I approach the SAT essay.

A week before the test, I got this lovely email in my inbox: The College Board had decided to ban all tutors (age 21 ) from the first administration.

I suspect the reasons went beyond just the security of the test, but anyway, that's beyond the scope of this post. After 2 months of waiting, the May 7th exam finally came around and I was allowed to sit for the exam.


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