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He became a voracious reader and mastered several languages.Freud began to record his dreams in a notebook as an adolescent, displaying a fascination for what would later become a key element of his theories.

He was the first child of Jacob and Amalia Freud and would be followed by two brothers and four sisters.

It was the second marriage for Jacob, who had two adult sons from a previous wife.

The younger children had to maintain quiet in the house so that "Sigi" (as his mother called him) could concentrate on his studies. Early in his college years, Freud decided to pursue medicine, although he didn't envision himself caring for patients in a traditional sense.

He was fascinated by bacteriology, the new branch of science whose focus was the study of organisms and the diseases they caused.

Reforms enacted by Emperor Franz Joseph in 1849 had officially abolished discrimination against Jews, lifting restrictions previously placed upon them.

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Although anti-Semitism still existed, Jews were, by law, free to enjoy the privileges of full citizenship, such as opening a business, entering a profession, and owning real estate.Charcot believed that most cases of hysteria originated in the patient's mind and should be treated as such.He held public demonstrations, during which he would hypnotize patients (placing them into a trance) and induce their symptoms, one at a time, then remove them by suggestion.Freud was also among the first to recognize the significance of emotional events that occur in childhood.Sigismund Freud (later know as Sigmund) was born on May 6, 1856, in the town of Frieberg in the Austro-Hungarian Empire (present-day Czech Republic).The two were immediately attracted to one another and became engaged within months of meeting.The engagement lasted four years, as Freud (still living in his parents' home) worked to make enough money to be able to marry and support Martha.Freud also sought that proof in his research, which involved the dissection and study of brains.He became knowledgeable enough to give lectures on brain anatomy to other physicians.Freud eventually found a position at a private children's hospital in Vienna.In addition to studying childhood diseases, he developed a special interest in patients with mental and emotional disorders.


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