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Can help with sleep problems Sleep has traditionally been divided into four stages which all produce different brain waves as a result of the brain's electrical activity, ranging from light sleep -- the first stage -- to deep sleep and the special REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, and back again.

"This way of dividing sleep into stages is really based on historical conventions, many of which date back ing from to the 1930s.

S6: When Macbeth says to Lady Macbeth "Macbeth does murder sleep-- innocent sleep," (Act 2 scene 2 36-37) Shakespeare mentions Murder to emphasize how Macbeth can no longer sleep and how by murdering King Duncan he has ,figuratively, murdered his ability to get a rest from murder and guilt.

In the play Innocence is used to describe the purity and positive traits that is given by sleeping, however this is not achieved by Lady Macbeth when she sleepwalks.

S1: Sleep is a vital part of everyone's daily routine and amounts to about a third of a humans life.

However, for many people, when we don’t get any sleep or we don’t get to sleep enough we become groggy and a bit insane.

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We've come up with a more precise and detailed description of sleep as a higher number of brain networks which change their communication patterns and dynamic characteristics during sleep," says Angus Stevner.

Almost half of the Danish population experience sleep problems.


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