Role Of Media In Nation Building Essay

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Millions of dollars across the world are spent on the media campaigns, publicities and advertisements Therefore media is called as mirror of society. It telecasts all types of programs because it knows about its viewers.

Similarly print media is also printing the focused things which are being demanded by the readers.

Todays media is up to mark by providing all kind information, news, views on different subject‐ social,economic,science,business from different parts the world.

A person sitting in Asia can easily access the information related to Wall Street crisis in America, similarly person sitting in Europe can easily get information about Arab springs or Afghanistan war just because of media.

It highlighted the core issues and evils of society and pushed the forces for social change.

Corruption, poverty, illiteracy, social taboos, violation of human rights, oppressing laws, traditional customs, injustice all are exposed by media in many parts of the world.It is the dire need of todays globalized people to be aware of their surroundings.Therefore everyone gets information through easy accessible sources of media.It is true that media is playing an outstanding role in strengthening the society; its a mirror of the society.Its duty is to inform, educate and entertain the people.Awareness and education of masses is a another integral role media is playing.Media has revolutionized the society by educating people on different local, national, international, social, economical and political issues, list does not end here, it is the media who has and is educating the people about their constitutional and human rights.Political, social, economic and religious programs and write ups enable people to know about their rights.Where there is a strong media, awareness level of general public is very high.Mainly mass media is involved in providing latest information about whole world, national, and local events.Both print and electronic media provides important function of influencing public opinion, informing with recent developments on all issues, surveillance, determining the political agenda, criticism, awareness, and social & moral development of society.


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