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What is unique is that at Ross we have the most competitive Preferred Admission program on campus.We have a highly-ranked business school and now high school students have the option to apply to us through the Preferred Admissions program.

Those students might not come to Michigan if not for the fact that they were guaranteed to be in business school right away.

Last year, we had a 50 percent increase in our Preferred Admission application pool. We didn’t admit any more students, we just had larger application numbers and more students enrolling who wanted to do business.

“ A student who is turned away for regular admissions feels that it is their last shot, so that is where the counseling approach comes in.

It is crucial to our process.”It is getting harder than ever for students to land a seat in Ross’ highly regarded three-year undergraduate business program, ranked #12 in Bloomberg Businessweek’s most recent undergraduate ranking.

Because of the high demand, more students are looking to be accepted before their freshman years at college.

Ross School Business Admissions Essays

Therefore, in trying to eliminate the barrier for students to get into the business school, this change will give more students an opportunity to know if they will become Ross students right out of high school.” The Ross School of Business had to find a way to address the larger applicant pool and the changing program dynamic.Blaire Moody Rideout’s background in student counseling and advising has come in handy in her job overseeing the undergraduate admissions office at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.This is the time of year when she and her office start doling out the final decisions on applications, and some of the news can be devastating to students, especially those who have been denied admission to the school twice, first as high school seniors applying through the Preferred Admission program and then again as University of Michigan freshmen.As a large school that is ranked fourth in the world recently by US News and World Reports, they had to find a solution to admissions that worked at scale.Rather than just a few early-admit students, 80% of each new class would be made up of high school applicants.Starting in the fall 2017 semester, the Ross School of Business decided changed their process to allow incoming freshmen to apply for business school, but with an additional requirement.Lynn Wooten, senior associate dean for student and academic excellence at the Business School, introduced the situation in this way: “Currently business is the number one intended major for students coming out of high school.The way we assess if a student will fit into that kind of mindset is through extracurricular activities and essays.We are looking for students who are intentional about their desire to go into business, and they also have to be a leader on campus.Most business schools have the enviable problem of having significantly more applicants than they can possibly admit.Historically, the solution to this has been separating the admissions decision to the university from the decision to admit into the business school one or two years later. Top-quality students who aren't guaranteed spot their freshman year may choose to attend another school.


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