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Validity concerns permissible inferences from scores. Tests or tasks are not valid or invalid; inferences about general ability based on specific results are valid or invalid.In other words, from this specific writing prompt I am trying to infer, generally, to your ability as a writer.Judges of math problem-solving, for example, tend to focus too much on obvious computational errors; judges of writing tend to focus too much on syntactical or mechanical errors. The joke could have involved content relevant to the audience, it could have been told with good diction and pace, and the timing of the punch-line could have been solid. The bottom-line question relates to purpose: was the joke funny? If we are assessing analytical writing we should presumably be assessing something like the insightfulness, novelty, clarity and compelling nature of the analysis.

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Because holistic scoring is quicker, easier, and often reliable enough when we are assessing a generic skill quickly like writing on a state test (as opposed, for example, to assessing control of specific genres of writing).

It’s a trade-off, a dilemma of efficiency and effectiveness.

Cannot we easily imagine that on the performance dimensions of “contact with audience” and “argued-for importance of topic” that a student might be good at one and poor at the other?

The rubric would have us believe that these sub-achievements would always go together. Oral Assessment Rubric criterion across all the levels.

So, we don’t want learners to fixate on surface features or specific behaviors; rather, we want them to fixate on good outcomes related to purpose. What do you mean by distinguishing between specific behaviors and criteria?

Most current rubrics tend to over-value polish, content, and process while under-valuing the impact of the result, as noted above.However, it isn’t helpful to say that both meals are of the same general quality.Another reason to use separate dimensions of performance separately scored is the problem of landing on one holistic score with varied indicators. What should we do if the student makes great eye contact but fails to make a clear case for the importance of their subject? (We would use a checklist if we were looking for something or its absence only, e.g. A rubric is composed of descriptors for criteria at each level of performance, typically on a four or six point scale. A rubric is a set of written guidelines for distinguishing between performances or products of different quality.It isn’t likely, in other words, that spelling accuracy correlates with the ability to write in an engaging, vivid, and coherent way about a story (the elements presumably at the heart of story writing.) Many fine spellers can’t construct engaging narratives, and many wonderful story-tellers did poorly in school grammar and spelling tests. You need to learn early and often that there is a purpose and an audience in all genuine performance. It’s not an accident in Hattie’s research that this kind of metacognitive work yields some of the greatest educational gains.You should consider, therefore, not just the appropriateness of a performance task but of a rubric and its criteria. Given the goals being assessed, are we then focusing on the most telling criteria? The sooner you learn to think about the key purpose audience questions – What’s my goal? Are there any simple rules for better distinguishing between valid and invalid criteria?(Trace each sentence in the top paragraph into the lower levels to see its parallel version, to see how each paragraph is really made up out of separate traits.) It doesn’t matter how you format it – into 1 rubric or many – as long as you keep genuinely different criteria separate.Given that kind of useful breaking down of performance into independent dimensions, why do teachers and state testers so often do holistic scoring with one rubric? Make your own flashcards that can be shared with others.Learn with extra-efficient algorithm, developed by our team, to save your time.


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