Russian Revolution Research Paper Outline

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This issue had provoked considerable debate in Marxist circles.

This issue had provoked considerable debate in Marxist circles.

But how exactly did the Bolsheviks and the working class exercise a power never-before wielded by the proletariat?

What problems did they face – economic, administrative, political and military, from within and outside Russia – and how did they meet them?

Whilst in 1861 the peasants had been freed from serfdom, the legislation doing so had failed to modernise and develop agriculture and the conditions of the peasants still lagged way behind most other comparable European countries.

Industry was concentrated in a few areas such as St.

Petersburg and Moscow, with oil production in Baku in the south and coal mining in the Ukraine’s Donets Basin.

Russian Revolution Research Paper Outline

A great proportion of the industrial capital was owned by foreign interests especially in St Petersburg, and the national capitalist class was both weak and divided, with much of it heavily dependent on the state.

Some of its factories were very modern and even by world standards extremely large, especially in the capital St. This created a relatively compact and concentrated working class, much of it recruited relatively recently from the villages.

The Russian Empire consisted of a large number of different nations that had, over the years, been conquered and suppressed by the Russian Tsarist state.

A revolution involves a tremendous clash of class interests, as has happened at various junctures throughout human history, such as the English Revolution of 1642, the French Revolution of 1789, the Paris Commune of 1871 and then the Russian Revolutions of 1917.

These are rare events that are important to understand for all those interested in human affairs, but especially Marxist revolutionaries who seek to change the world bourgeois order to a working class order that will pave the way for a classless society.


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