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Society's acquiescence of money infuriated Sartre and capitalism was the political system he blamed for the phenomenon.

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Sartre was an ardent atheist and so believed that there could be no Divine Artisan in whose mind our essential properties had been conceived.

Jean-Paul Charles Aymard Sartre is one of the most important philosophers of all time.

Despite his work garnering considerable flak over the years, his theories on existentialism and freedom cement his place among the most influential Western philosophers of the 20th-century and beyond.

This waiter is so convinced that his present job is all that he can do, that it's all that he's for everything that we really are, and by not exploring the myriad possibilities life presents to us we alone are responsible for restricting our freedom. An ardent believer in the Marxist school of thought, Jean-Paul Sartre touted as the one factor that restricts a person's freedom.

The need of money, he reasoned, is the excuse people give themselves when they shut down the idea of exploring unconventional life choices.


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