Satire Essay On Immigrants

I hope that from my letter you have realized what a handsome, capable and righteous man I am.

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A recent report by the Sentencing Project also finds evidence that the fewer immigrants there are in a neighborhood, the likelier it is to be unsafe.

My name is Ivan and I am writing to you to ask for your younger daughter’s hand in marriage. Trump, why should a busy man like yourself take a moment to read a wordy letter from a nobody who has the audacity to make such an incredulous proposal?

Well, sir, to establish some credibility, allow me to convince you of my qualifications to possibly deem myself your future son-in-law. I am not an immigrant — I am a true American; my ancestors stumbled over across the Atlantic with Columbus hundreds of years ago, claiming this beautiful land to be ours.

In the matter of immigration, mark this conservative columnist down as strongly pro-deportation.

The United States has too many people who don’t work hard, don’t believe in God, don’t contribute much to society and don’t appreciate the greatness of the American system. I speak of Americans whose families have been in this country for a few generations.


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