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ISO value is determined by numbers: the lower the number, the lower the sensitivity to light. Depending on your camera, the lowest value is 50, 100 or 200.

If you increase the f-stop to decrease the amount of light getting to the sensor, you will also need to adjust the shutter speed and the ISO for an equivalent exposure; otherwise, your image might come out blurry or too bright; overexposed or underexposed.

This is just a simple introduction to the three elements that make up the exposure triangle.

The usual numerical values for the f-stop are 1.4, 1.8, 2.0., 2.8, 3.6, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16 and 22.

When you adjust the aperture, note that as the numerical value — a deeper portion of your photo will be in focus.

When you are confident in using the shutter speed, you can play around with your photos and make them come out more creatively (e.g. Combining the ISO, aperture and shutter speed results in an equivalent exposure value for a particular setting.

slow shutter speeds allow for more motion blur when shooting action). If any one of these elements is adjusted, the resulting image will not be the same.For shallow depth of field photos, use a larger aperture size (i.e. So, if you need to remember one thing, it is this: when you adjust the aperture by just one stop, you either halve or double the amount of light that goes through your camera lens.What is important, though, is that you keep practicing until you familiarize yourself with the different f-stop values, and until you produce the image/s you want.If you need to remember one thing about shutter speed, it is that when the shutter speed number is a smaller fraction, the faster the shutter opens and closes.If you want to control the shutter speed manually, go for Shutter Priority (S or Tv on your camera) or manual mode.For example, if you want more saturation and less noise and more details, go for ISO 100.If you want less saturation and details, go for a higher number, like an ISO of 400.If you look closely at the camera lens, you will find round or ring-like metal blades.These blades open and close: it opens to widen the opening, and it closes if you want the opening to narrow down.Let us look at each element closely and understand how they can help you achieve the right exposure.The ISO refers to ratings that define the sensitivity level of your camera to light (a more technical exploration can be found here).


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