Six Word Essay Hemingway

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Since then, I’ve used 6-word stories in a variety of ways in my classroom, from get-to-know-you activities and exit tickets to tools for review and artist statements. No matter how you choose to use them with your students, it’s good to give students a brief introduction and allow them some practice time.

There is an urban legend that writer Ernest Hemingway made a bet that he could compose a novel using just six words. “For sale, Baby shoes, Never worn.” Although the myth has been formally debunked, it has inspired many people to write their own (super) short stories.

Stephen Brady Womb, Play, Learn, Work, Decline, Tomb. Ashley Errington Battered ball-bearing traversing pinball machine. Ray Kemp An embroidered sampler, with some unpicking. Patsy Wheatcroft Love Mountains both ups and downs. Richard Merrington Worry about tomorrow, rarely enjoy today!

Ann Cummins Wasted my whole life getting comfortable. Gillian Johnson Intermitent loves here, there, now, then. Davina Marshall Not quite finished, tell you later.

If you’re interested in finding some more examples for your students, a quick Google search will bring up tons of results on Twitter, Reddit, and elsewhere.

After reading Hemingway’s version, it helps to take a long pause to let it sink in.

Richard Smallbone Too many sausages, not enough sex. Jessica Kane Run over twice, thankfully still alive.

Tim Kell Saw, heard, learnt, loved, mourned, dying. Maggie Morgan Still searching around for the reins.

Clare Hobba Started, farted, stood up, faced the wind.

Jacquie Smith Start - programme - error - control - alt. Nancy Connolly Unravelled career reknitted as baby blankets.


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