Sports Agent Essay

Sports Agent Essay-6
(“Good Sports”, 60; Jerry Maguire) A successful person, just for a single decision of his life faces the threat of being complete failure.

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Dorothy Boyd a single mother is the character enacted by Renee Zellweger.

Jerry Maguire works in the sports business in which the agents of the business are in general more competitive than the clients of the business.

After a stopover, Warne reads a newspaper and......?

Movie Analysis: Forrest Gump (1994) QUESTIONS TO ANSWER FOR FILM REPORTS What is the film about and does it have a theme?

However, only to help Jerry Maguire he has left his desire and joins the failing life of the agent and his redemption journey.

Sports Agent Essay

The other person is a single mother, working accountant of the same organization, who wishes to help the agent start his life from the beginning.The single incident depicts the competitive life in the sports business along with the struggle of life in managing the cycles of failures and success.This also raises an ethical issue with respect to the sport business.This also perhaps provides him the space for self-realization, as he is able to take time out to mediate instead of running with the competition.Thirdly, the friendship and the support that the agent receives from the single client are also to cherish.Andrews was being kept by his father in his yacht away from his fortune-digger husband, but managed to escape by swimming into the sea and rode into a bus bound for New York.It was there that she met Warne, a snobbish, frank, and witty journalist who argued with her over a seat in the bus.If so, where do we first sense that theme developing? The movie Forrest Gump (1994) is about Forrest Gump’s journey towards discovering his own destiny.Along the way, he meets few people that will help him and inspire him to continue his journey.Rod is not that successful but Jerry finds a friend and company in him when he is fired.This represents a selfless bond on the part of Rod, which cannot be explained with material reasons or business and reflect sheer sportsmanship.


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