Sports Assignments

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I used self-talk to stay positive and feel good about myself and my performance j.

I used self-talk to feel confident about practicing difficult plays k. I asked my coach to give me a grade on how hard I worked.

W is for What You should begin your paragraph with the topic or point that you’re making, so that it’s clear to your lecturer.

Everything in the paragraph should fit in with this opening sentence.

You should: Once you’ve found all your evidence, and have decided what to say in each section, you need to write it up as paragraphs.

Each paragraph should be on a single topic, making a single point. We find Godwin’s (2014) WEED model very helpful for constructing paragraphs.E is for Evidence The middle of your paragraph should be full of evidence – this is where all your references should be incorporated.Make sure that your evidence fits in with your topic.As a graduate assistant, he worked with the Seminole women's tennis team from June 2015 to July 2017.As an undergraduate student, he assisted with Florida State football, baseball, men’s tennis and women's soccer.Sports Psychology Assignment Angelu Villanueva 7766362 Chapter 5 4.Define behaviour, and give a sport example that is not in this chapter.Check that your introduction matches the content of your assignment.You’ll also want to make sure that you’ve been concise in your writing style. A refocusing plan: has the purpose of dealing with uncontrollable distractors that might be encountered. I deliberately put myself in a good mood at the start of practice d. Post competition evaluation strategy: has the purpose of reviewing and refining the plans. At least half of my practice was done with 100% effort and concentration e.


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