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So what I do instead is, I break the paper down into sections for which I then create separate documents.For example, for my recent paper on environmental mobilizations against Nestlé in British Columbia and in California, I created a separate document for the story around Nestlé in British Columbia and another one for the story on Nestlé in California.

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By the time I finished the sixth case, I had 6 paragraphs in the conclusions section of my paper.

This is particularly important as it helps me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

To avoid getting frustrated, I just focus on writing on one of the sections at a time. Begin drafting some conclusions as you complete the analysis As I write my paper, I always make sure to include some early conclusions.

For example, for my recent paper on the comparative analysis of 6 remunicipalization cases, as I completed each section and the history of each remunicipalization, I started integrating and summarizing my results in the analysis section and immediately after, I wrote a couple of sentences about the implications of my analysis for the conclusions section.

The reality is that academia has this toxic culture of overworking as though it were a badge of honor. I used to work 24 hours in a row, sometimes even 36.

Right now I can’t push my physical limits and I will not endorse overwork.For me, a story is fully told when there is at least 4-6 paragraphs that outline the overall issue and provide some analysis.That’s why at least 4-6 paragraphs would be necessary (history, the issue at hand, why is this issue relevant, what does my theoretical framework say about this particular issue) to fully outline and sketch the story.) didn’t allow me to do this in a much more planned manner.So here are 8 tips I use to write a research paper from start to finish. Create an outline This tip would be kind of obvious, but I am far from being the first one to suggest that writing an outline allows you to put complex ideas on paper in a sequential, articulate, cohererent form.Normally what I do is I expand the abstract and write the introduction from the abstract.I also make sure that I develop the structure of the paper as I write the introduction. I am someone who doesn’t react well to word counts.If you’ve already started writing the paper, then Professor Rachael Cayley’s approach is the best – e.g. At any rate, you should have a skeleton of what your paper is going to look like.One way in which I do this is I break down my abstract into the sections that I need to fill out and/or the questions I need to answer to have my paper actually show my full argument.So I know for a fact that I improved my writing since I started sleeping at a decent hour and at least 6 hours a day.And that’s exactly why I never write beyond my physical limits even if I am not done with the paper and I have a deadline.


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