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For more than a century, people of all ages have enjoyed watching a good movie.

However, watching a movie purely for enjoyment and writing a critical response to one are different experiences.

Austin Peay State University suggests mentioning at least five events in order to cover the broad panorama of the story.

Once you orient the reader to the basic plot of the movie, you can begin your evaluation by sharing the film's strengths.

Begin your succeeding paragraphs with each primary justification.

For example, in your second paragraph, your lead sentence should be in the form of I agree/do not agree with X because of Y1.The opening of a film response usually includes the movie's production information, including the title, director, genre and actors.This information can be used to build an introduction that will grab readers' attention and provide essential background at the same time.To do this, you can choose one or two aspects that worked well, such as a particularly effective performance, the cinematography and how the director uses music and lighting.Your examples will work best if you specifically state how each element contributes to the movie's success."Brief" is the key word; it can be easy to get carried away with a summary.When writing a plot summary for a movie response, the author includes the most essential plot points without revealing any information that could spoil the film or its ending for viewers.For example, your topic may be about the speech of Martin Luther King, Jr., "I Have a Dream." Summarize the main points in the speech.In your introduction, follow your summary with your claim or argument.You must have a claim or an argument that refutes the topic, or accepts it and further refines its key points, or highlights its strengths and weaknesses.Here are some tips on how to write a critical response essay.


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