Tax Planning For New Business

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If at all possible, avoid taking early withdrawals from an IRA or 401(k) retirement plan before you reach age 59 1/2.

The amount you withdraw will become part of your taxable income, and you'll additionally pay a 10% tax penalty.

There are tax credits for college expenses, for saving for retirement, for adopting children, and for childcare expenses you might pay so you can go to work.

The Child Tax Credit is worth up to $2,000 for each of your children under age 17 subject to income restrictions, and the Earned Income Credit (EITC) can put some money back into the pockets of lower-income taxpayers.

Adjustments are deductions, but you don't have to itemize to claim them.

Instead, you take them on Schedule 1 of your 1040, and the total of Schedule 1 can reduce—or even increase your adjusted gross income.Sometimes owners track profits and losses in different ways than the method required for taxes, Gevertzman says.Or they may have included some expenses as deductions that actually must be capitalized for tax purposes (or depreciated over several years) because purchased items are used for longer than a year.Conversely, you'll pay less in taxes if you earn less.That's the way the American tax system is set up. Your AGI is your income from all sources minus any adjustments to income you might qualify for.That's an additional 0 off his taxable income, the difference between ,000 and ,200.But a taxpayer who has only ,000 in itemized deductions would end up paying taxes on ,200 more in income if she itemizes rather than claims the standard deduction for her single filing status.You won't be able to qualify for certain tax credits if it's too high.Your AGI can even impact your financial life outside of taxes: Banks, mortgage lenders, and college financial aid programs all routinely ask for your adjusted gross income. The more money you make, the higher your AGI will be and the more you'll pay in taxes.Tax credits are credited to your IRS as payments, just as though you had written the IRS a check for money owed.Most of them can only reduce your tax debt, but the EITC can result in the IRS issuing a tax refund for any balance left over after your tax obligation has been reduced to zero. You won't qualify for this tax credit if you earn too much.


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