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Patilad Online TV will provide high-quality, entertaining, educational, inspirational programmes and broadcasting dedicated to our target audiences (teenagers, youths and middle aged adults) across the globe.

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He worked as the Chief Technical officer before resigning to start his onlive TV in February 2016 His versatility as a journalism is a clear through his ability to obtain excellent results with a diverse mixture of people and throughout his time within the world of broadcasting has developed a large experience.

His experience within the industry, partnered with his qualifications has given him the head way in maximizing all the revenue channels available.

The Commissioning of Entertainment Agencies & partnering with Record Companies, in order to build a content Archive of Filmed Concerts & Productions, from which to schedule economically sourced Broadcast Content to enable both a rapid expansion of the Stations Content Archives is a part of Our Stations Marketing Plan.

Patilad TV is a new Company and as such, we will need to rapidly expand.

The Channel under the Control of its Skillful Executive Producers & Production Manager has plans to create its own Productions; the first called “meet the real entrepreneurs” which aspires to be an Internationally accessible Television Program that is dedicated to giving broadcast exposure to the young entrepreneurs, inventors, talented acts , people who have reached the pinnacle of various field of accomplishment within their Career.

The Show intends to Auditions Talent with a dignity that is rarely portrayed by other Talent Shows, and is designed to allow the purity of the Artistic attainment to be raising the audiences standards of what they think is good, rather than capturing the energetics’ of glamour and enthralment that is inductive to producing less positive responses from those who professionally recognise the Standard of saturation of raw talent that goes through the disciplining process that the true accomplishers recognise is the ripening of the fruit of attainment to the Master Class level.Through his training, mentoring, speaking and coaching programmes, he has empowered many young people over the years to start and grow their own business, build wealth, create multiple streams of income and achieve financial independence.- He is a Certified Trainer in Design Thinking by the U.S Consulate, Lagos and the inspire Africa Entrepreneurship Institute.Cable television has considerable competition from satellite TV, online television services and even video games, with new technologies and applications coming out regularly.To write a successful business plan for a cable channel, make a case for how your channel will succeed and produce revenues in such a crowded and transitioning marketplace.The next section should be a description of your business model, including your vision of what your channel will be, how it will serve the niche you identified with its programming and why it can succeed against its competition.Include details on where it will be produced, its service area, and any regulatory, equipment and operational hurdles, taking care to discuss how you will overcome them.The size of the market segment is calculated at population of 3 million in Nigeria alone, and around 10 million in Africa.The initial phase consisted with the process of the establishment of the business.However, this vital phase depends on investment, as the activities are dedicated in the development of the channel, through resources acquisition, production and then finally broadcasting.After we have had quite a number of waivers from top companies, providing virtually most services for free, on the average we still need a cost 20 million naira to launch this 24 hour digital television channel broadcasting online.


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