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It was the most common coin produced for circulation until it was replace by a double denarius known as the antoninianus issued by Caracalla.

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They are in $1, $2 and $5 denominations and are considered by many to be the ultimate in beauty as far as U. It may be smudged, be lacking some part of the printing, the serial numbers might not match up, etc.

Essay Note – This is a design of a trial note which may have subsequently been authorized or rejected by the issuing authority.

They’ve been around in one form or another since 1914. paper money, this term refers to the less than a dollar denominated, government-issued notes from 1862 to 1876.

Fractional Currency – In general, banknotes of a value less than one of the issuing authority’s standard units. Gold Certificate – A note issued by the United States which was at one time redeemable in gold coin for the face value.

Altered Note – this is a piece of paper money which has had one or more of its prominent features changed in order to make it worth more.

This could also apply to a previously devalued note which has had a fake overprint applied in an effort to make it acceptable in a country where the old notes have been officially overprinted.

It should be noted that there are far fewer different commemorative notes than there are coins.

Contemporary Counterfeit – A counterfeit note which was made during the time the genuine notes were circulating.

While this term has come to indicate any paper money, its true meaning distinguished paper notes issued by an actual bank that during the 17th century began as private banks and later became to include notes issued by government sanctioned central banks as illustrated here with a note issued in 1694 by the Bank of England.

Broken Banknote – this is a note of the 19th century which became non negotiable or worthless as money due to the issuing bank going out of business.


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