Term Paper On Conformity

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Conformity is defined as a willingness to act in line with the norms of a particular group to be accepted as an in-group member.

Given the origin of human species as common animals, the psychological need to belong to a group is present in all individuals.

Desirous of being recognized as members of a gang, young people start conforming to criminal standards.

The debate on the integration of minorities in the broader society can also be explained regarding acceptance and conformity since minorities’ intention to preserve their own culture (viewed as a set of norms) can hinder their ability to conform to the norms of the dominant group and be accepted in society.

The benefits of being true to ourselves greatly outweigh any negative aspects of choosing that path.

One of the most obvious advantages of being true to ourselves is that people will see us, perhaps for the first time, without a mask.

Interaction with others is a natural result of living in society.

In the process of interaction, society and its rules has a social impact on each individual.

Conformity is a concept that explains many critical social issues.

For example, youth gang culture promotes different norms among members through the powerful vehicle of acceptance.


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