The Lady Of The Ring Essay

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Through Celebrían's wedding to Elrond, Galadriel was the grandmother of Elladan, Elrohir, and Arwen.

The tales tell little of Galadriel or of Celeborn during many centuries in the Third Age, but after the formation of the White Council in TA 2463 she put forth her might in opposition of Sauron.

She also traveled to visit her brother, Finrod, in his realm of Nargothrond multiple times.

Her three other brothers were killed during various battles in the First Age.

Once in Beleriand, she lived nominally with one of her brothers, most likely Finrod, but spent much time at the court of Thingol and Melian in Menegroth, where she arrived in FA 52 and was welcomed because of her family relationship to Thingol's brother Olwë, Galadriel's maternal grandfather.

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She met Celeborn, a kinsman of Thingol, in Doriath.It was she who summoned Gwaihir to rescue Gandalf off the peak of Celebdil, and it was she who nursed him back to health, dressing him in white, symbolizing his status as the new leader of the order.Later, she sent word to Aragorn about the Paths of the Dead, and messages to the Rangers of the North asking for their aid in the War.She was also the bearer of Nenya, one of the three Elven rings of power. Much of Galadriel's story is confusing, and there are several distinct tales told about her collected in the Unfinished Tales.According to the older account, used in the published Silmarillion, Galadriel was an eager participant and leader in the rebellion of the Ñoldor and their flight from Valinor due to her desire to one day rule over a patch of Middle-earth herself.She played a relatively insignificant part in the wars of the First Age, as she thought that defeating Morgoth was beyond the power of the Eldar, and when Morgoth was defeated by the coming of the Valar out of the West she, having played no part in the Kinslaying, was offered safe return to Valinor.However, she chose not to leave Middle-earth, and was the only leader of the Ñoldor exiles to remain after the First Age.She played a pivotal role in the formation of the Council, though her counsel to put Gandalf at its head was not followed.During the War of the Ring, Galadriel hosted the Fellowship of the Ring after their escape from the mines of Moria. " Then swiftly she returned to her original form, seemingly smaller and frailer than before, declaring, "I pass the test," refusing the Ring and accepting the fate of diminishing (as the time of the Dominion of Men had come), and returning at last to Valinor.The main part of this article relates to the last versions of Middle-earth's history, and as such may contain controversial parts of The Silmarillion. This subject's portrayal in earlier or alternative versions is discussed in the earlier versions of the legendarium section.Galadriel was the co-ruler and Lady of Lothlórien alongside her husband, Lord Celeborn - however, neither of them took royal titles, as they only saw themselves as the Guardians of The Golden Wood.


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