The New Community Amitai Etzioni Thesis

Lower conviction rates in other regions would be better addressed by local improvements (in law enforcement, judicial appointments, or jury training, for instance), than by a nationwide degradation of the Fifth Amendment or other potentially dangerous reductions in safeguards for the innocent.A Paradigm is more than a perspective but less than a theory.It provides a set of interrelated questions, but no hypothetical answers or account of validated propositions.

He even concedes that it is legitimate for antifa to protect demonstrators from fascists when the police are absent, as they were in Charlottesville.

In fact, if we were to expand our view of militant anti-fascism beyond Etzioni’s narrow focus on violence to include the entail physical confrontation (research, popular education, doxing, coalition building, cultural work, singing protests, boycotts, sowing discord through infiltration, pressuring venue owners to cancel fascist events or web servers to kick off Nazi accounts, etc.), we would undoubtedly encounter far more to agree about.

Etzioni admits that his ideas involve a shift away from traditional two-sided politics of social liberals versus conservatives.

Readers of both inclinations will find some parts of his thesis unpalatable.

Etzioni rightly argues that “all means of resisting” would be justified against a fascistic regime.

He astutely notes that “counterviolence would be morally appropriate” against fascist mass movements that terrorize the marginal.

Underlying this statement is the idea that, over the last 75 years, the United States moved from the adaptive to the allocative, social integrative, and normative integrative phase.

It is derived from Talcott Parsons' treatment of the subject, “A Revised Analytical Approach to the Theory of Social Stratification,” in This article was written while I was a Research Associate at the Institute of War and Peace Studies, Columbia University. Haas for valuable comments on an earlier version of it.

Most functional models deal only with the conditions under which a collectivity survives.

I spelled out elsewhere the need to study the conditions under which a collectivity maintains its form or structure (or, in the case of organization, its level of effectiveness).


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