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When the wheels don't turn, it falls." This, she says, is the Revolution in Iran.Over the course of 2,500 years, Iran has been occupied by many invading forces. Then there was an Arab invasion from the West, which had been followed by a Mongolian invasion from the East.The United States and Great Britain help to organize a coup against Mossadeq and he is taken out of power.

When the wheels don't turn, it falls." This, she says, is the Revolution in Iran.

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There are demonstrations both for and against the strictures of the Cultural Revolution.

During one of the demonstrations, a picture is taken of the author’s mother.

Satrapi notes that since 1979, Iran has largely been discussed “in connection with fundamentalism, fanaticism, and terrorism.” She says that as a person who has lived half her life in Iran, she knows that this characterization is not true.

This, she says, is why she wrote begins with a school picture of Marjane in 1980. In the picture, she is with a group of other girls, all with dour faces.

She is angry and looks rebellious and her picture is published in European newspapers.

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It is also published in a magazine in Iran and this is a scary thing.In an imaginary vision, she holds a scale of justice, makes a sign of love, and holds a sword and shield and declares that she wants “to be justice, love, and the wrath of God all in one.” Marjane begins by saying that her faith "was not unshakable." As the revolution begins, she and a few friends play in the yard and pretend to be great revolutionaries -- Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, and Leon Trotsky.Sitting under a tree, the author tells her friends, "The Revolution is like a bicycle.Descartes tells Marx that the material world only exists in the imagination.Marx takes a stone, asks Descartes if it only exists in his imagination, and then hits Descartes over the head to prove that it is real.She begs for more time, but God tells her that she is ready.She announces in school one day that she is going to be a prophet when she grows up.The author notes that, in the book and in her visions, God and Marx look very similar, since they both have long white beards. He asks her if she still wants to be a prophet and she tells God to talk about something else.He changes the subject and tells her the weather will be nice the next day.The girls do not like this and do not understand why they have to wear it.They complain that it is too hot and some take them off and play with them, jumping rope and throwing them away.


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