Theaching Theory Essay

The third group understands best in a hands-on, tactile manner such as holding the materials or practicing working with them.

The importance of catering for learning styles links to the importance of understanding how best to cater for cognitive development.

The learning environment and its impact upon students have also generated a considerable body of literature.

Whilst Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs (1970) looked at a generic sequence of responses to environments, a more holistic understanding of the environments that affect a student’s learning have been studied by those such as Bronfenbrenner (1998) who conceptualized a variety of ecological systems, from the micro to the macro.

It may be that students metalinguistic (how language works) awareness can be built up using the subject, such as working through an understanding of acids and alkali’s as they relate to beauty treatment.

The use of IT as well as text to develop literacy has also stimulated a vast body of research (e.g. This area deserves far more attention than the brief mention given here, but it is also an area that may benefit from an action research approach whereby the literacy strategies of the class are assessed, observed, analysed and acted upon in an ongoing reflective cycle.

In a constructivist paradigm, planning needs to both develop knowledge and play to students strengths.

Rather than look at this structurally, as in planning using cooperative groups, whole class or individual working, this section considers interpretations of intelligence such as Gardner’s multiple intelligences (Krause 2003, p.

Learning style research has its roots in the humanistic social constructivism generated by Vygotsky and his follows.

Here the stress is on the interaction of socio-cultural factors in the development of the individual and it is easy to see how necessary it is to make information available to students at a number of levels and thereby take into account their individual approach to learning.


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