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John Berryman, too, suffered from this affliction.1 Among novelists who battled alcohol was the great British writer Paul Scott, author of the masterpiece The Raj Quartet.

A reviewer of a new biography of Scott faults the biographer for not understanding fully the effect of alcoholism on Scott and his wife and daughters.2 Scott's own mother, out of a kind of bravado, encouraged Paul to drink gin at the age of six.3 Notes 1. Electronic citations should tell us the author(s), title, electronic medium (i.e. "Survey of Legal Opinions Regarding the Death Penalty in New Jersey," in NL-KR (Digest vol.

The following are some basic guidelines you should consider when you prepare your document.

Obviously, some of these elements will not be necessary in a typical, short essay.

In the following sample from The Allyn and Bacon Handbook, 4th edition.

The first note refers to an entire book; the second not cites a particular passage, and the third note refers to a work already cited in note 2.Your job, in any event, is to present material in a way that is interesting and easily accessed by your audience; the formal elements are intended to assist your reader(s). Explain or interpret cited materials for your audience: we may not see the evidence the way you do.Consider your audience: in most instances you may assume that your readership includes people who are interested, intelligent, and educated-but uninformed-regarding your topic and its importance. Give complete information the first time you cite a source; subsequent use of the same source will only require the author's name and page reference.There is no way that you are going to have a perfect dissertation, and there are many things that might miss out.In such a scenario, a Chicago cover page and style professional can come in handy.The Chicago Manual Style (CMS) is used primarily in history and some humanities and social science disciplines.CMS requires endnotes and a bibliography; although endnotes are preferred, footnotes are sometimes allowed instead.Although a dissertation’s content is paramount, the academic paper would lose its meaning without proper style.The cover page is the most crucial section – it is what your reader is going to spot first and judge your material.Instead of trying to figure out all the needs, you can order a completed cover page that applies your specific instructions.We have expert editors that have been doing this for a very long time and are conversant with the latest updates.


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