Thesis Of Guns Germs And Steel By Jared Diamond

Thesis Of Guns Germs And Steel By Jared Diamond-43
I will go on raise some of the debates surrounding the “scientific approach” to history further on.The main premise of “Guns, Germs, and Steel” is that the differences in the experiences of human history can be explained by climate and geography.A pertinent point raised by Roy Rosenzweig[6] and John Randolph[7] was that of the problem of incomplete knowledge, and the limitations this posed when trying to investigate the past.

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Francis Fukuyama also incorporated biological ideas into his political institutions-based approach.

And Yuval Noah Harari has taken that biological approach and pushed it further, incorporating it with the historical slant with meta-narratives about history.

The question about Europe — how is it that a peripheral peninsula on the edge of the Eurasian landmass came to dominate the rest of the world — is answered in a classical way.

The geography of Europe created many small polities that competed against each other, making it hard to unify politically.

That Eurasia is very wide means that the same plants could be planted across a huge expanse, since it is easier for crops to spread horizontally in the same latitudes then to spread across different latitudes from North to South.

That means wheat could be planted from Northern China to the Middle East — a huge geographical expanse.

His piece ties in strongly with many of the works and themes we have been discussing in class, which I will attempt to address in the course of the review.

“Guns, Germs, and Steel” begins with a research question, termed “Yali’s Question”[2].

The assessment is that, although human beings have distinctly different sexual and social behaviours in terms of having the capacity for pair-bonding/monogamy, we have the same violent tendencies with apes for mass killing.

I am more interested in his next book: Guns, Germs, and Steel.


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