Thesis On American Dream

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However, the idea of the American Dream, brings up a lot of questions. While others said living in a country where one has political freedom, we have equal rights, and there is safety for children. Educational opportunities, such as going to college as came up in the discussion.

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The focus was on a wholesome values system, family and community, all of which created pride, real prosperity and real joy.

However, over time the same prosperity which resulted from being a nation of producers, also created a nation of consumers, driven not by need but rather by the desire to “keep up with the Jones’s.” (Geela, 2004) In light of these definitions of the “American dream”, this concept is a recurring theme in a lot of works of literature.

Scholars have studied the rise in optimism for racial progress in light of the symbolic significance of this historic event.

However, the literature fails to address the relationship between Obama’s actions and policies and African Americans’ perceptions of opportunity to achieve the American Dream.

American Dream Deferred: We now embrace more modest, personal goals.

Thesis On American Dream

The election of Obama, the first black president of the United States, marked a significant break with the past.

This thesis finds that Obama generally took a one-size-fits-all approach, targeting all Americans including blacks.

Drawing on sixteen survey responses and various national polls, this thesis argues that the majority of African Americans believe that Obama has expanded opportunities to achieve the American Dream.

However the better life was not for her it was for her children. "Immigrants and the American Dream." Society 33.n1 (Nov-Dec 1995):3(3).

She gave up ever ything she knew back at home in order to secure that her daughters could live the American Dream. ..many jobs in order to survive, in order to just get a small taste of the dream. Many American do not want these immigrants to have the opportunities. Children with immigration background often work harder to achieve the American Dream.


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