Thesis On Beer Production

“I thought it was a really cool space because it was always active.

So we’ve seen this model before and really like it because it just keeps the space active all day, keeps people in here.” Fredericksen and Palmer’s connection to the Mayo Clinic runs deeper than the brewery’s proximity to Mayo’s Saint Marys campus.

The building is immediately recognizable thanks to a mural depicting an array of colorful, exaggerated people, animals, and beer, which would feel at home in “The Incal” comic.

“From the get-go talking about what this idea could be, […] before we had a place or a brand, we always wanted it to be very alive from all aspects—color, music, volume, but also activity level,” Fredericksen says.

We might have a different version of the light lager or something like that always on tap.

“The overall goal here is to produce a top-quality product and make this space as inviting and entertaining as possible,” Fredericksen adds.

It made it feel like it was meant to be.” But for their brewery to succeed in its mission, the couple knows the beer has to be good.

“The philosophy is a little bit of everything,” Fredericksen says of the five-barrel brewhouse outfitted with eight fermentors.

However, he said cities like Duluth, which just opened its 10th brewery, prove that communities this size can support local beer-making.

The key, he explained, is making sure the small breweries work together."There's a lot of camaraderie in this business," said Frederickson, who recently helped Steve and Dawn Finnie with the opening of Little Thistle Brewing across town.


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