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It was, in fact, by attending several local Ruby on Rails meetups in San Francisco that Tom met with Scott Chacon, a huge expert on Git, an Open Source distributed version control system.As Tom recalls: Scott was the ideal candidate for that.

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Before we start, let’s bet on it: I bet you didn’t know (at least) one of these companies took advantage of outsourced developers. Today Alibaba is the world’s biggest global marketplace, one that in 2014 when it went public, was able to score the biggest IPO to theses day. Well, according to the book "Alibaba: The Inside Story Behind Jack Ma and the Creation of the World's Biggest Online Marketplace", in its early days, the founder Jack Ma outsourced the website development to a U. Launched in 2010, App Sumo is a website that shares and distributes daily deals to his subscribers, mostly tech-focused or software related.

Discounted prices on high-priced software, lifetime access to yearly online courses, and so on.

As Jason Fried explains: ”As demand for our services grew, we found ourselves increasingly disorganized.[…] We didn’t like the rag-tag image we were portraying to our clients.

They were paying us good money — and our work was good — but the way we organized the work, communicated about the work, and presented the work wasn’t becoming. Still, they were a web consulting company and Basecamp wasn’t their core business.

Today Basecamp employs 50 people around 32 countries worldwide.

When it’s time to do your taxes, you always scream at yourself: ”Next year, I’ll take notes and store all my receipts as soon as I spend any money. Then the next year comes, and you might find yourself in the same situation, just a bit more frustrated.The problem was they didn’t have enough money to hire him as a full-time developer.So they had only one choice left to reaching their goal of simplifying their product and push it further: they hired Scott as a Git outsource contractor to eventually build the backend of Gist, a sharing feature within Git Hub (See the difference here).Outsourcing is a solid strategy that can really boost your business.We at Codable are strong believers of that principle, so much so our core business relies on it.Founded in 2008, Expensify wanted to help people by providing a tool to collect expenses, keep track of receipts and transactions, all in a more convenient way.Before becoming a company with 130 employees and over 2 million users, Expensify partnered with an outsourced international software house to take care of their back-end systems; this enabled them to concentrate (almost) exclusively on front-end development and ultimately growing their business.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.Access to society journal content varies across our titles.That’s why we produce useful content that will help you with understanding more of how to, for example, integrate outsourcing into your current workflow, what you need when you’ll be working with a remote developer, and so on.This is good, but it’s still missing a piece of the whole puzzle. The other being Ma had to find workarounds and viable ways to grow his company overcoming all Chinese internet restrictions.


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