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Did the shift to intense realismherald a new tone in the narrative in the 1990s?Or did reality simply catch up with the nihilism anticipated by Golding and Burgess?

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Welsh smartly realizes that a narrative about boredom needs to be exciting—paradoxically, that adds to the realism—and, as a result, his characters constantly stay on the move. In the final pages, this gang of druggies decide to make a big score.

They secure a large quantity of very pure heroin and aim to sell it to a London dealer for a huge profit.

In this installment of Let’s start by comparing three books.

In 1954, a British author published a novel (later turned into a successful film) about young men who adopt strange, ritualistic behavior and engage in savage acts of random violence.

Anthony Burgess's was considered a dystopian science fiction tale.

In 1993, a third British author published anovel (later turned into a successful film)about young men who adopt strange,ritualistic behavior and engage in savageacts of random violence.

Some such as Mark Renton, the closest thing to a 'hero' in this decidedly unheroic book, try to break the habit—Renton's tendency to introspection and critical reflection provide this book with its best, most thought-provoking passages.

On the other extreme, we find Rab "Second Prize" Mc Laughlin, who avoids sobriety the same way Dracula flees from the dawn, and hardly has a coherent moment during the course of the entire novel.

Much like Burgess in , Welsh allows his characters to speak in their own street jargon—and the novel even comes with a glossary at the back.

But, once again, what was an imaginative exercise in the earlier book has become a realistic turn in .


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