True Importance Of Christopher Columbus Essay

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Columbus thus belonged to an artisan class, but in his heart he was an adventurer.

He learned the ropes of a sailor when he was young while craving for the sea.

His life as an explorer was very different to his life as a colonial governor.

In addition, his contemporaries interpreted Columbus’s success in a different way than people do today with the benefit of hindsight by which the ramifications of his discovery are much more apparent.

“In 1487 the Fleming Ferdinand van Olmen set out with two ships from the Azores…

he seems to have misjudged the prevailing winds, sailed off into the mists and was never heard of again.” [7] The fact that Columbus discovered something should be taken into account when determining whether he was successful or not.When Columbus was still alive, most of his contemporaries could not possibly foresee the chain of events that his discovery in 1492 would trigger.“It seemed as though Columbus might be doomed to oblivion…While the environment in the later part of the 15th century was conducive for exploration, Philips does not take into account that it takes more to turn an idea or conception into reality.Columbus was at the right time and the right place, and luck certainly played a role.The fact that ships and the capacity for such journeys existed certainly contributed to Columbus’s success.Isaac Newton once noted that he as a scientist has seen further only by standing on the shoulders of giants and the same is true for Columbus.Although he did not find what he was initially looking for, the outcome of his undertaking was still positive by discovering a whole new landmass.Fernandez-Armesto reveals the historical debates on Columbus.Columbus was looking for a westward route to India in the first place, because the Ottoman Empire had cut off the land routes to India.As a result, European traders looked for new ways to access lucrative spices such as pepper.


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