Two Kinds Literary Analysis Essay

The concept of Archetypes in literature has been the subject of extensive examination in Literary Criticism. 13 makes Socrates "Apology" the first milestone in the history of criticism is simply this: that there Socrates pointed out that criticism is a distinct species of literary activity, and also why it is distinct.“Criticism can be broken down into two broad categories: evaluative and interpretive” (Gardner 1287). The realm of literature is occupied by the activities of three distinct powers: the power to create, the power to enjoy and the power to criticize.The criticism is based on Literary Theory, which is composed of ideas that help interpret, and analyze literature. The chief thing that distinguishes the power to criticize from the other two is the fact that ET 2 (Analysis on a Local Writer’s Selected Work – 1-2 pages only) Guidelines: Short bond paper, Calibri 12, single-spaced (TITLE) I.

My first reaction was that Jing-Mei was stubborn and unappreciative of what her mother went through to get her piano lessons, such as trading house cleaning services for weekly training sessions.

I also believe that Jing-Mei was ignorant as to why her over-bearing mother was so persistent in her actions for her only living daughter to become famous.

In Amy Tan's short story "Two Kinds", she emphasizes how immigrant parents push their ambitions onto their children, who just want to live a normal life in America, when they realize they may not achieve the American dream for themselves.

I found the story "Two Kinds" to be a very enjoyable tale of the struggles that emerge from a mother and a daughter's relationship.

Yet her mother’s pushy, aggressive attitude is a lot like “Pleading Child.” She pushes and begs Jing-mei to cooperate and become famous.

Even though the two disagree, like the songs, they form one beautiful song.After tragedy struck the family when Amy's father and oldest brother both died of brain tumors within eight months of each other, Amy's mother, moved her children to Switzerland, where Amy finished high school.Tan received her bachelors and masters degree in the study of Linguistics at San Jose State University and then studied at the University of California at Santa Cruz for her doctorate in Linguistics, but dropped the program in 1976 to take a job as a language development consultant (Charters).Amy started a business writing firm that provided speeches for salesman and executives at large corporations, but after a fight with her business partner, Tan became a free-lance writer (The American Academy of Achievement).With the dissatisfaction of her job, Tan found comfort in studying Jazz piano and began writing fiction.42) Like the ying-yang and the songs, Jing-mei’s relationship with her mother may seem disastrous and apart, but together they share a strong bond that makes them whole.Jing-mei’s determination to stay that she is, is much like the song “Perfectly Contented”, she is satisfied with the way things are.Jing-Mei, the daughter, is telling the story of the hardship between her and her mother.She tells us how at first she shared the same passion of becoming a prodigy but her constant disappointment to her mother made a part of her die inside (Tan 732).She couldn't stand to look at herself in the mirror when all she saw looking back was this "ordinary girl," which ultimately caused her to rebel and believe that she was unable to make anything of herself.The point of view in this short story is first person.


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